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LIN SCAN has its PTT facilities in regions of strategic importance. Pull through Test is carried out by pulling the inspection tool through the test pipe by means of hydraulic or manual winch. The tool is moved at constant velocity of 0.3-2 m/sec. On the test pipe, artificial models of defect types of different sizes are applied. Dimensions of the defects are accurately measured. Tool is switched to operating mode during the test and after the test, the received data is analyzed and hence calibration achieved.

pull through test ptt lin scan

Our Services
LIN SCAN services include In-line Inspection using MFL, TFI, Caliper or Geometry & UT technologies. LIN SCAN also provides Integrity Management Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry. Other main activities include: supply of cleaning pigs, supply of traps (launchers & receivers), pipeline coating services etc.
Vision & Mission
LIN SCAN Vision & Mission

The LIN SCAN Vision & Mission aims at consistent improvement, innovation in the field of complete pipeline integrity solutions. read more

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